After School Program


Registration for the after school program will takes place during school registration.  Please be prepared to pay your registration fee and the first week's tuition at that time.


The After School Extended Day Program is a service of DeKalb County. The focus is on homework completion but also allows for recreation and socialization after school hours. Staff Development and training is provided to program staff who supervise students, and the Principal manages the program based on the needs of the participants and wider school community.


Hours of operation: 2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Nutritious snacks are provided daily

Structured small group instruction and homework assistance

Activities that have both an academic, cultural enrichment and recreational focus

Quality outside enrichment at no additional cost to parents

Instructional activities that are an extension of and support to the activities of the school day

Staff-trained teachers, paraprofessionals and other instructors

Tuition fees are due every Monday. Payment can be taken in person with card or cash. Or online here.


Registration Fees


$25.00 per child (maximum fee)

$40.00 two children

$60.00 three children

$80.00 four children


(Must accompany registration application)


Tuition Fees for Standard Enrollment


$60.00 per week for one child

$110.00 per week for two children

$165.00 per week for three children

$220.00 per week for four children


[The first week’s fees are due at the time of registration. Three (3) days attendance is considered one (1) week.]


Emergency Drop-In


Drop– In Fees will not exceed $15.00 per child per day.


Late Pick-Up Fees


Late pick-up fees start at 6:01 p.m. and are $1.00 per child or family per minute.