What is “Friends of Chesnut”?


At Chesnut Elementary, all volunteer activities and funds are channeled through two separate and distinct groups.  Programming and curriculum assistance are provided by the “Principal’s Advisory Council” (PAC), an organization that is mandated by the DeKalb County School District.  Action teams within the PAC execute many important functions throughout the school year. Because the PAC is prohibited from handling or expending funds, another separate organization exists for that purpose. “Friends of Chesnut” is the nonprofit entity that was created to raise private funds solely for use at Chesnut Elementary School.

Friends of Chesnut is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, registered with the Georgia Secretary of State and governed by its own Board of Directors. There are 7 members of the Board of Directors, including three parent volunteers, one community member, three faculty members, including the school principal.  The Board has fiduciary responsibility over all funds raised privately for the school, and it is responsible for setting and managing its budget annually.

Current members include:


  • Lloyd McFarlane (Chesnut Principal)
  • Jessica Williams (Chesnut Faculty)
  • Cadence Ladrillono (Chesnut Faculty)
  • Leah Little  (Chesnut Faculty)
  • Reenee Rodgers-Fraser (Chesnut Faculty)
  • Megan Washburn (Parent Volunteer)
  • Alyssa Petter (Parent Volunteer)
  • Lyndel Beaver (Parent Volunteer)
  • Stephanie Fenz (Parent Volunteer)
  • Cara Vojdani (Parent Volunteer)
  • Hannah O'Donoghure (Parent Volunteer)
  • Tama Aulova (Parent Volunteer)
  • Kandice Turner (Parent Volunteer)
  • Ginna Hobgood (Community Volunteer)


“Friends of Chesnut” welcomes all private financial donations to the school, especially for the Annual Fund and the Chesnut Challenge.  Donations can be made via the Pledgestar website.  For more information, please contact the Board President, Megan Washburn, at friendsofchesnut@gmail.com with any questions.