Administration Team





Mr. Lloyd McFarlane, Principal


Lloyd McFarlane is Chesnut’s Assistant Principal.  Having served field of education since 1997as a classroom teacher, instructional lead teacher, and as an administrator, Mr. McFarlane appreciates the importance of a strong bond between home and school.  Each year he looks forward to working with a community of capable students, supportive and caring parents, and a determined staff who strive on a daily basis to teach our girls and boys the importance of strength of character and leadership as they work to become college ready.
As Chesnut’s administration is committed to providing an environment where student achievement is a top priority, Mr. McFarlane encourages all Chesnut parents to continue an active role in their child’s education.  By working together, he believes we can ensure that every Chesnut student is set on a path of academic excellence.
Dr. Laurie Jackson, Asst Principal